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Top 5 Web Based Free Email Services

Almost all businesses today use email as an online communication tool. As such it is important to intelligently gauge the best free email services available before making your choice. Top features to look out for in a good free email service include an efficient spam filter, adequate storage space, user-friendly interface, speed and security. Since there are no switching costs for users of free email services, it is possible to try out several options before deciding on a service provider.

Gmail – Google’s Gmail is one of the best free email services. It is easy to use and has a clean, clear interface. You can use several mobile devices to access your mailbox and it offers over 10GB of free storage to its users. It supports an attachment size of up to 25MB. Its built-in chat accepts text, voice as well as video. Gmail also offers customized email services for business owners and an excellent spam filter.  

Yahoo Mail – Yahoo Mail offers unlimited email storage space and SMS texting amongst other features. Its new photo app allows users view photos from their mailboxes. You can send a file of up to 100MB in size in a single email. Windows Live Mail – Formerly known as Hotmail and more popularly referred to as Outlook mail in recent times, this free email service is from Microsoft. One of the most outstanding features of this email service is its strong organizational tool.

Inbox.com – Inbox.com is an easy to use email service that provides you with 5GB of email storage space and 5 levels of spam protection. This means only very little spam will land in your mailbox. It also supports attachments of up to 20MB. However, there are several disadvantages of using this email service. It does not offer instant messaging and its social media integration is somewhat outdated. It also does not allow users check their emails on their phones from a mobile app and a credit card is required for verification before users can subscribe to the service.

Lycos Mail – This free email service offers basic features and allows users to use aliases which can be a plus if you are trying to protect your identity. It provides 3GB of email storage. Lycos does not provide POP or IMAP support and as such you won’t be able to access your emails from your phone or device’s mobile app. It does not offer social media integration or chat functions.